Jardine Parrot as a Pet

Photo Image Jardine Parrot Habitat

Jardine Parrot, AllAnimalia.Com – It is a species of parrot that can be kept as a pet. This parrot is also called as Red-headed parrot due to its red spot on the head.

If you are about to have one of these parrots, then you should read these following facts about them first:

Jardine Parrot Diet and Lifespan


Like the other bird pets, you can give you Jardine Parrot any kind of fruits, some seeds, insects, or even flower.

The easiest food for them is fruits because you can find them anywhere. Their favorite fruits are apples, grapes, oranges, and pears.

But, they won’t be fully healthy if you only feed them with fruits. It may be weird, but they also like human food like biscuit, bread, and peas.

These food are definitely needed for your parrot but they are also known of its lack in vitamin A. Vitamin A is needed for Jardine Parrot.

Therefore, you also need to feed it with carrot, red bell peppers, and fresh apricots.

To give your beloved parrot vitamins and minerals, you can also give it mangos, cherries, green beans, banana, beetroot celery, corn, cooked sweet potato, and hawthorn berries.

Also, don’t forget to give it water by installing water bottle on the cage. Feed your parrot diligently to keep it healthy.Photo Image Jardine Parrot Diet Photo Image Jardine Parrot Breeding Photo Image Greater Jardine Parrot Photo Image Jardine Parrot Food Photo Image Jardine Parrot InfoLifespan

Before you make a Jardine Parrot as your pet, you need to know that they have lifespan. Their lifespan is not always the same, and can be decreased due to their diet and captivity problem.

The longest of their lifespan can reach for about 60 years. It is a quite long time for a free animal. But as a pet in captivity, their lifespan would be decreased to 35 years at maximum.

So if you want these parrots to exceed their captivity lifespan, you should train them so you can take them out from the cage.

If you’d like to train them, then you should buy one when it’s still a baby. Yet, buying it when it’s still a baby may lead you to full-time “parenting” because you have to take care of them 24 hours.

You must not take care of them wrongly or their lifespan will end directly.Photo Image Jardine Parrot Lifespan Photo Image Jardine Parrot Personality Photo Image Jardine Parrot Price Photo Image Jardine Parrot Sale Price Photo Image Jardine Parrot Size

Jardine Parrot Price

One thing you need to understand next is that these parrots are expensive. You can buy one for $500 and the price can still increase up to $1500.

However, you should not buy it online or you may get dead bird instead. Some sellers online may give cheaper price but they also will put the parrot in a small box where it can’t move.

This can lead to death if the delivery may take several days. If you still prefer to buy it online, then at least you should find a seller that is recommended.Photo Image Lesser Jardine Parrot Photo Image Jardine Parrot Wings Photo Image Lesser Jardine Parrot For Sale Price Photo Image Jardine Parrot Tree Habitat Photo Image Jardine Parrot Talking

Jardine Parrot – Conclusion

These are some facts that you must deal with if you really want the parrot as your pet.

Some of the facts above may sound difficult at first, but it won’t be if you already know how to deal with it.

If you have understood the circumstances, then you are ready to have a Jardine Parrot as your pet.


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