Flower Crab Spider Facts

Photo Image Flower Crab Spider Misumena vatia Preying

Flower Crab Spider, AllAnimalia.Com – There are only view people who really know about flower crab spider. Just like its name, they like to live around all kind of flowers.

Although this kind of animal is not categorized as dangerous animal for human. There are more things that you need to know from this species. Here are the things.

Photo Image Flower Crab Spider Poisonous
Image by George Veltchev

The Scientific name for this type is Misumena. And for Lower classifications, there is Misumena vatia, Misumena nigromaculata

Flower Crab Spider Characteristic Features

  • Appearance

The first important thing you need to know about them is about how they look like. Knowing how they look like will ease you to identify them.

This species have glossy and smooth body. Just like typical spiders that you usually see, they have unequal legs.

The number of the legs can be different from each spider, but the front two legs are always shorter from other legs. Most of crab spiders that spend all their times on flowers are usually small in size.

The size of male and female crab spiders is also different. Female crab spiders tend to be bigger than the male ones.

The coloring of their body depends on the category and classification. Different category will always have different color.

The interesting thing is some of crab spiders have the ability to change their color whenever they are in danger.Photo Image Flower Crab Spider (Misumena vatia) Photo Image Flower Crab Spider Camouflage Photo Image Flower Crab Spider Diet Photo Image Flower Crab Spider Eat

Flower Crab Spider Feeding and Diet

As it was mentioned before, this kind of crab spider have the ability to camouflage whenever they are in danger.

Not only to keep them save in danger, the camouflage also helps them in their feeding and diet.

This kind of crab spiders are surely flower dwellers and foliage. Using the ability of camouflaging, they keep themselves safe while they are preying their food.

Unlike an ordinary spider that is so active in hunting their food, crab spiders have their own strategy.

They like to use sit and wait while they are preying their food. It is understood since they are living in flowers and leaves, so they need to keep the condition calm.

Flower crab spiders like to prey animals like flies, butterflies, honey bees and beetles. Using their spiny front legs, the grab their target then immediately bite the head of their targets.

With the poison in the bite, the crab spider will easily eat their targets at once.Photo Image Flower Crab Spider Goldenrod Diet Photo Image Flower Crab Spider Goldenrod Photo Image Flower Crab Spider Habitat Photo Image Flower Crab Spider Misumena vatia Red Spotted

Flower Crab Spider Habitat

After knowing their appearance, you need to know about where they usually live in case you are interested with them.

Flower crab spiders are usually found on the flowers of shrubs and herbs. They sometimes live on leaves in all kind. This species also appears in all flowers of meadows, grasslands, wetlands or clearings.

Most of flower crab spiders have the same color like the flowers they are living at.

Not only protect them from any birds, the camouflage also gives them a perfect hiding place from any ambush incoming insects.

Usually this kind of crab spider has green to brownish carapace body colors.

The legs can have different colors too but mostly it appeared with yellowish or white combined with variously patterned in green, brown or red.

The patterning makes them possible to blend perfectly with flowery background or leafy foliage.

Some of them are undergoing slow changes in color in order to create better background for their camouflage.

That is why you will never find this kind of animal in a forest because they are non-forest habitats.Photo Image Flower Crab Spider Misumena vatia White

Photo Image Flower Crab Spider Size
Image by Geoffrey

Photo Image Flower Crab Spider Venomous Photo Image Misumena vatia Red Spotted

Flower Crab Spider Life Cycle

A female flower crab spider will conceal and guard their woolly egg sacs right after mating. They like to use grass blade shelter or a leaf and fold the latter like an origami into a very little box retreat to protect the egg sacs.

The female crab spiders will surely provide their developing young with insects. If the food is scarce, there is a possibility that she may be eaten too.

There is no specific fact about how long a flower crab spider can live since it can be different from one habitat to another. That is why they are categorized as rare species now.Photo Image White Flower Crab Spider Photo Image Wild Life Flower Crab Spider Photo Image Yellow Flower Crab Spider

Flower Crab Spider – Conclusion

Unlike all common spiders that we usually found, this kind of spider can only be found in flowers.

They cannot be easily found in all flowers but once you find their habitat, there will be more than one of them. However, a flower crab spider is now categorized as rare species.



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