Yellow Crab Spider That You Need to Know

Photo Image Flower Yellow Crab Spider Facts

Yellow Crab Spider, AllAnimalia.Com – Among all types of spiders, a yellow crab spider is one of the rarest.

Although it is clearly stated from the name, they do not always appear in yellow color. This kind of crab spider has defense system that only view people know.

Photo Image Yellow Crab Spider AttackMore than that, yellow crab spiders have facts that some people need to know. Here are the facts.

Yellow Crab Spider Appearance

The first important fact you need to know about this kind of crab spider is about how they look like. Noting how they look like will make you easier to identify whenever they occur.

This species commonly have smooth and glossy body with mostly yellow color. That is why they are also well known as Goldenrod Spider for their appearance.

They have some unequal legs, just like typical spiders that you usually see.

The number of the legs can be different from each spider depending on how old they are, but the front two legs are always shorter from the rest legs.

Most of yellow crab spiders that you will see are small sized. The variety of the size is so various, depends on the age and the gender.

A male yellow crab spider is usually 1/8 inch long. While the female one can be ¼ inch to 3/8 inch long.

The interesting fact about this kind of spider is their ability of camouflaging. Although they were born in yellow color, they will able to change the color of their body in some occasions.Photo Image Flower Yellow Crab Spider Photo Image Goldenrod Yellow Crab Spider Look Like Photo Image Goldenrod Yellow Crab Spider Poisonous Photo Image Goldenrod Yellow Crab Spider

Yellow Crab Spider Feeding and Diet

Their ability of camouflaging gives them advantage in some aspects. Their camouflage not only keeps them safe from any danger situations, but also makes them able to find their food.

Categorized as flower dwellers, they spend most of their time on foliage, leaves or flowers.

With their ability of camouflaging, they will prey their food while keeping themselves safe at the same time.

Unlike any ordinary spiders which are so active while hunting their food, Goldenrod Spiders have their own way in chasing their target.

They like to use wait and sit while they are preying their targets. It is understood since they are living in leaves and flowers, so they have to keep the condition calm.

Goldenrod Spiders like to prey animals like wasps, flies, butterflies, moths, honey bees and beetles.

Using their deadly front legs, they grab their target then immediately bite and injected the poison to their targets.

With the poison in the bite, the Goldenrod Spiders will easily eat their targets at once.Photo Image Yellow Crab Spider Ballonies Photo Image Yellow Crab Spider Body Photo Image Yellow Crab Spider Eating Photo Image Yellow Crab Spider Facts

Yellow Crab Spider Habitat

After knowing their appearance and how they hunt their food, you need to know about where they usually can be found in case you need to find them.

Goldenrod Spiders normally live throughout Southern Canada and North America. They are commonly found on the flowers of herbs and shrubs.

They sometimes live on and foliages leaves in all kind. Goldenrod Spiders also appear in all flowers of meadows, gardens, grasslands, wetlands or clearings.

Most of Goldenrod Spiders will change their color based on the flowers they are living at.

Their camouflage not only gives them a perfect hiding place from any ambush incoming insects but also protects them from any birds attack.

Commonly Goldenrod Spiders will change their color from green to brownish carapace body colors.

Their unequal legs can have different colors too but mostly it appeared with yellowish or black combined with variously patterned in brown, green or red.

The combination makes them possible to completely blend with flowery background or leafy foliage.

Some of them are undergoing slow changes in color in order to create better shade for their camouflage.

That is why you will never find this kind of animal in a forest because they are non-forest habitats.

Goldenrod Spiders tend to live on flower blossoms. The combination of yellow and white color gives them possibility to do the camouflaging without changing their color.Photo Image Yellow Crab Spider Habitat Live Photo Image Yellow Crab Spider Life Cycle Phto Image Yellow Crab Spider Look Like Photo Image Yellow Crab Spider Misumena vatia

Yellow Crab Spider The Ecosystem

In selecting the flowers where they want to live on, Goldenrod Spiders are very selective. The will surely select any flowers that are attractive to flying insects.

It will help them in preying their food. When still in young age, Goldenrod Spiders will not too selective about their flower choice.

They start being selective when they are older and bigger, especially for the female ones.

Old female Goldenrod Spiders will be very selective in choosing their hunting grounds since they also need to feed their babies.

Although they have a little bit different way in preying their food, Goldenrod Spiders use the same method in beating their targets.

They inject venom that is followed by digestive enzymes that will liquefy their target’s innards.

If the Goldenrod Spiders does not have any babies yet, they will directly eat their food.Photo Image Yellow Crab Spider Morphology Photo Image Yellow Crab Spider Poisonous for Human Photo Image Yellow Crab Spider Poisonous Photo Image Yellow Crab Spider Preys

Yellow Crab Spider Life Cycle

Talking about their life cycle, Goldenrod Spiders have unique ways in keeping their regeneration.

The male spiders will normally look for the female ones to do the mating. The mating itself it is not only done once.

Both of them will keep doing the mating until the female Goldenrod Spiders produce some eggs as the result of the mating.

The female spider will guard and conceal the woolly egg sacs right after mating.

They like to use any leaves or grass blade shelter then fold the latter like an origami into a very little box retreat to protect the egg sacs.

The female Goldenrod Spiders will surely provide their developing young with insects. There is a possibility that she may be eaten too if the food is scarce.

All Goldenrod Spiders can have different time of lifespan, depending on where they live. That is why there is no specific fact about how long a Goldenrod Spider can live.

It also makes them as one of the rare insects now.Photo Image Yellow Crab Spider Web

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This kind of spider can only be found in flowers or some foliage, not like all common spiders that we usually found everywhere.

They cannot be easily found in all types of leaf but once you find where they are living; you will always know where and how to find them.

Unfortunately yellow crab spider is now categorized as rare type of insects.

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