Palau Jellyfish Lake Tour Traveling Tips for First Timer

Photo Image Palau Jellyfish Lake Tour - Rock Islands Southern Lagoon Palau

Palau Jellyfish Lake Tour, AllAnimalia.ComFor those who love diving and water sport activities, palau jellyfish lake tour is one of the top list to do.

With thousands of harmless jellyfish, the divers will have experience like no others. Moreover, the surrounding islands have hundreds of secret places, waiting to be found.

Get ready to be awed in this tour.

Palau Jellyfish Lake Tour – Get There Safely

The fancy Palau islands republic is located in western side of Pacific Ocean. Considering its geographical spots, the islands still belong to Micronesia. The jellyfish lake itself is one of more than seventy natural lakes in the island.

Photo Image Palau Jellyfish Lake From Air Photo Image Palau Jellyfish Lake Tour Travel Guide TipsSince the location is quite remote, visitors could reach this lake from six airports. Take one from the lists: Incheon airport in South Korea, Tokyo airport in Japan, Yap in Micronesia, Taipei airport in Taiwan, Manila Philipines or Guam airport in USA.

After landing in local airport, you still need to have more or less twenty minutes drive. The local airport called Roman Tmetchul is in Babelthuap Island. The final destination is in Koror Island, approximately nine kilometers from the main airport.

Visitors could always look up before the trip. On the arrival, taxi is the best option to reach the hotel. There is no basic counting meter installed. Basically the rate is negotiable.

When backpacking, it is best to ask the hotel about the standard price for taxi. It should not be more than $30 for one way.

The hostels are affordable as well. The guests houses adopting dormitory concept, and put the price starting from $79/ room/ night.

Calculate the budget carefully. Those who have visited this place before will recommend staying at least three days to experience most of the hidden treasure.

Best Palau Jellyfish Lake Tour Best Spots to Enjoy

As an exotic and famous island, there are several worthy places that showcase the beauty of Palau Lake.

The following spots are the must have lists in every tour package. This will cost you around $150 per person.

Don’t be surprised when the boat will only sail for certain number of passengers. It doesn’t include the cost for Jelly Lake entrance: $100 per person.

There is also an option to rent a boat for the whole day for $1500. Some travel agents have tank dives option which will cost you around $220.

  1. Milky Way

Photo Image Palau Jellyfish Lake Tour - Milky WayThis place is famous for its white mud, which is claimed to have great effect for skin.

  1. Rainbow Reef

Photo Image Palau Jellyfish Lake Tour - Rainbow ReefIt is totally enjoyable for its beautiful and preserved natural coral as well as its clear water.

  1. Giant Clam City

Photo Image Palau Jellyfish Lake Tour - Giant Clam CityJust as mentioned, this spot displays huge number of clams, some of them are over forty years old.

  1. Jelly Fish Lake

Photo Image Palau Jellyfish Lake Tour - Jelly Fish LakeHundreds of harmless jelly fish are ready to welcome the divers. For pre-caution, the divers must wear safety jacket while diving.

  1. Fish Bowl
Photo Image Palau Jellyfish Lake Tour - Fish Bowl Snorkeling Spot

This is the most favorite spots for snorkeling. It would be perfect for those who don’t mind to share the underwater view with the other visitors.

Palau Jellyfish Lake Tour – Conclusion

Deciding to have a vacation to this place could only mean one thing: heaven on earth.

The nature, warm temperature, clean water, friendly people and sting less jellyfish are just the beginning.

No wonder people leave their heart in the islands. Get your ticket now and enjoy palau jellyfish lake tour till the last drop!



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