Secret Moon Jellyfish Facts Habitat and Sting Treatment

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Moon Jellyfish Facts, AllAnimalia.ComSome people believe that all types of jellyfish are dangerous, including moon jellyfish.

It is true that jellyfish is feared by some people because of its stings. Some cases support the opinion that jellyfish is dangerous.

Photo Image Moon Jellyfish AnimalActually, this type of jellyfish is not as dangerous as you think, but still you need to be careful. Here are some facts about moon jellyfish that you need to know.

Moon Jellyfish – Where the Sting Comes from?

This sea animal has many thin strings on their main bell or body. Usually it looks like tentacles and there are a lot of them.

There are thousands of attacking cnidoblasts, or we usually call it cell, to help them defend themselves. It also helps them to make more flexible movement.

The cnidoblasts on their body works like a missile of a gun which has a trigger right on the front part of it. Each missile carries a tubule or bullet.

Then there is something smooth near the missile called cnidocil. It looks like hair and it is operated chemically.

Cnidocil will sense chemically any foreign living that comes close to it then automatically pull the trigger. Its bullets use mechanical energy to defend the main body.

On the tubule, there is also circled spring looks like thread. The spring helps the bullets out by pushing it to the nearest target.

There is also mild venom inside the tubule. Its function is to eradicate any small sea creatures.Photo Image Moon Jellyfish Facts Treatment Care Photo Image Moon Jellyfish Facts Photo Image Moon Jellyfish Habitat Facts Photo Image Moon Jellyfish Lifespan Photo Image Moon Jellyfish Predators

Moon Jellyfish Sting Symptoms and Treatments

Although this kind of sea animals is not dreadful, you still need to be careful whenever you meet this animal or whenever you have them around you.

Its sting can cause some symptoms that you might not like. The first and the clearest symptom that can be caused by a jellyfish is surely stinging pain right on the spot.

You will feel like your skin is burned around the area you get stung. After that, there will be black or can be red spot on the point you get stung.

It is one of the chemical effects. The other effect is the itching that you will feel on the stung spot and the worst thing is when the stung area is also swelling.

There are some things you can use to remove the effect of the sting.

  1. Sea Water

The very first thing you need to do is removing the remaining the micro-sized tentacles of the jellyfish by washing your skin with sea water.

  1. Vinegar

Vinegar is also helpful in removing the remaining the sting cells. Do those steps to remove all the jellyfish cells.

  1. Salt and Water

Then in reducing the pain, you can apply salt to the stung area. Mix it with warm water to make it more effective.

One thing you should avoid is using urine or alcohol in treating a jellyfish stung. It will just make the condition worse.Photo Image Moon Jellyfish Reproduction Photo Image Moon Jellyfish Sting Facts Photo Image Moon Jellyfish Sting Treatment Facts Photo Image Moon Jellyfish Symptoms Sting Photo Image Moon Jellyfish SymptomsMore interesting article:

Moon Jellyfish – Conclusion

Basically all sea animals will have some effects whenever they get around you. As long as you know how to deal with it, it will not be a big problem.

Dangerous or not, it is still better to keep your distance from any harm sea animals, including moon jellyfish.



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