White Spotted Jellyfish Fact, it’s Dangerous?

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White Spotted Jellyfish, AllAnimalia.Com There are only few people know that Phyllorhiza Punctata is the real name of white spotted jellyfish.

This kind of jellyfish is sometime harmless and do not bring any dangerous effect when they sting.

Photo Image White Spotted Jellyfish AustraliaHowever, there are some things you need to know more about this population. Here are some facts about Phyllorhiza Punctata.

White Spotted Jellyfish Appearance

These sea animals grow for about 40-50 inches diameter at first. Now it is known that they can grow until 60 inches size of length.

The white spots on their body make them look beautiful, especially when you see them underwater in the dark. The white spots are able to shine.

The translucent gelatinous oral arms around their body make them look charming as sea animals. It adds enormous view in appearance.

The other good news is that their stings only contain mild poison which is not really dangerous and does not cause any serious injuries or effects for humans. That is what we can consider them as harmless animals.

In case you get stung by them, apply vinegar to the stung area to cure some little burning sensation caused by the sting.

Most people free themselves from the sting by just washing the stung area with salt water.Photo Image White Spotted Jellyfish Care Photo Image White Spotted Jellyfish Characteristic Photo Image White Spotted Jellyfish Habitat Life Photo Image White Spotted Jellyfish Life Cycle

White Spotted Jellyfish Habitat

This population is often found in Australia. That is why this kind of jellyfish is also called Australian spotted jellyfish.

They live in coastal waters and deep blue oceans, especially in Australia. In 1945, this rare population was also found in Hawaiian Islands, before it exploded in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean.

As the impact in ecological side, this species is now rarely find in any other sea but Australian waters.

An issue that this population is also spotted in California is not confirmed. There are two things that are related closely with their habitat.Photo Image White Spotted Jellyfish StingThere is:

  1. Plankton

Even though they are harmless for human and look beautiful, this population is a threat to marine ecosystems.

It is because they filter sea water in a one full day to look for nutrition and food just like sponges.

In large quantities, they routinely feed all microscopic planktons in sea water. On a daily basis, they can filter until 13.200 liters sea water every day.

That is more than enough water if you want to build your own swimming pool in your yard.

  1. Ecosystem

This type of jellyfish is often found in large numbers, so as a result there will be much plankton taken by them.

It means that they consume extremely high number of planktons every day. That is the reason why this type of jellyfish is considered as a serious threat to fragile balance in marine ecosystem, since there are also other marine animals that depend on microscopic planktons.Photo Image White Spotted Jellyfish Lifespan Photo Image White Spotted Jellyfish on The Beach Photo Image White Spotted Jellyfish Original Photo Image White Spotted Jellyfish Pets Guide

White Spotted Jellyfish Lifespan

Australian Spotted Jellyfishor Phyllorhiza Punctata or white spotted jellyfish have a lifespan of around a year (roughly 12 months).Photo Image White Spotted Jellyfish Prevention Photo Image White Spotted Jellyfish Reproduction Photo Image White Spotted Jellyfish Scientific Name Photo Image White Spotted Jellyfish Species

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White Spotted Jellyfish – Conclusion

Compared with other types of jellyfish, we can say that Phyllorhiza Punctata is classified as harmless sea animals for human.

It means we will not be dealing with any kind of serious effects or injuries if we get stung by them.

That is one of the reasons why white spotted jellyfish is also called masterpiece by some people.

source: nationalgeographic


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